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Oceans Plastic Project CLG is delighted to have been selected as charity partner for the latest terrace installation at The River Lee hotel,  Dolce Vita at The River Club.

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Enjoy a few cocktails at the Dolce Vita River Club and contribute to Cleaning up and researching plastic and micro plastic waste in our seas

The River Lee is delighted to announce that its iconic terrace at The River Club has been transformed
into an idyllic Mediterranean haven just in time for the summer months. ‘Dolce Vita at The River
Club’ is the vivacious and scintillating new installation on the riverside terrace at The River Lee, in
partnership with Cork’s most innovative florist, Fox Flowers. A love letter to the Italian attitude of
pursuing the good life, or a ‘sweet’ life — la dolce vita — the terrace is now framed by an abundance
of lush florals and greenery, reminiscent of the vibrant groves and hideaways along the most
gorgeous and glamorous of Italian settings, the Amalfi coast.
With a wealth of cascading bougainvillea, romantic olive trees, green foliage and pops of whimsical
wildflowers, Dolce Vita at The River Club promises to encapsulate the quintessential Italian summer
experience for guests, right in the centre of Cork City. Fragrant herbs provide an aromatic backdrop
and the vibrant colours of the flowers and plants reflect the distinct shades and palette of the Italian
coast. Dolce Vita at The River Club is a sweet Italian sanctuary on the banks of the River Lee – the
perfect place for an after-work tipple or a leisurely weekend brunch with friends. Taking pleasure in
every aspect of life — good food and drink, getting together with family and friends, surrounding
yourself with beautiful things — are all essential elements of la dolce vita, gathered together on one
stylish veranda overlooking the steady flow of the Lee.
The team at The River Club have also created six new summer cocktails exclusive to Dolce Vita at The
River Club, designed to bring a flavour of Italy to the heart of Cork, using Italian phrases that
summon up the spirit of la dolce vita. Dolce far Niente (The Sweetness of Doing Nothing) is based on
the Florentine favourite the Negroni, Ad Maiora Semper (Towards Greater Things) pays homage to
the classic Hugo Spritz, Sogni d’Oro (Sweet Dreams) is reminiscent of both an Amaretto and
Maraschino Sour, Tempo al tempo (All in Good Time) is based on a Limoncello Collins, In Vino Veritas
(In Wine There is Truth) is a low-alcohol cocktail made with refreshing non-alcoholic sparkling wine,
and the alcohol-free Vivere La Vita Migliore (Living One’s Best Life) is a twist on the perpetually
popular Aperol Spritz. Peruse the menu, choose the perfect cocktail and practice your Italian using
the helpful phonetic guide underneath each cocktail’s name. You can learn a new expression, enjoy
the cocktail, and try out a little Italian to add some glamour, heart and culture to your summer
With cocktails priced between €10 to €14, €1 from each cocktail purchase goes to The Oceans Plastic
Project, a not-for-profit organisation that researches micro-plastic in West Cork and raises
awareness of plastic pollution along the Cork coastline, working with local secondary schools to not
only arrange cleanup days, but also to use their research into coastal pollution to lobby local
government and industry to stop this blight on our beautiful coastlines.
Dolce Vita at The River Club launches on May 19th and is open seven days a week from midday until
late. Bookings can be made on theriverclubcork.ie or at 021 493 7772. Make the sweet life a little
sweeter with the Dolce Dreaming overnight getaway, staying in one of the stylish guestrooms at The
River Lee with complimentary Dolce Vita cocktail on the terrace from €232.
The River Club – Cork’s ultimate destination to eat, drink and be social.