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Oceans Plastic Schools Project

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The project involves collecting all kinds of data from micro plastics to larger more upcycled plastic, also including water samples from freshwater streams and building up a knowledge base of the worst affected areas, and coastal changes due to erosion and climate change.

Some of the plastics collected is being used for art projects and upcycling ideas and have been part of the Junk Cotutor competition where the students design and make clothing from thrown away rubbish.

Projects can also be entered into the yearly National Young Scientist Competition.

The students also are encouraged to look at new ways to reduce plastic use in our daily lives and develop possible business options which could be commercially become viable.

Collecting the plastic recycling, upcycling using the waste in art and design project in the schools and potentially inventing new products to deal and manage the plastics to prevent them from entering the marine environment particularly in the commercial sector which is proving to the worst of the material found washed up on the shores.

A new development is that we are going to research the micro plastic waste in the seas prior to it reaching the shores to assess the levels floating off the coast in 2021

The aims of the project are teaching marine knowledge as well as building up a picture and monitoring of the scale of the plastic waste in our seas and reaching our shores.